A Bike Wheel, Some Bamboo and Bark Pieces, a Toy Shark, and Imagination

Earlier in the day, one of the builders of this construction was talking about his trip to the Montgomery County Fair. In my adult mind, I used adult-like connections to conclude that this was a ferris wheel. That is the interesting thing though, this was not a ferris wheel, it was something else completely. Surprise and delight. Divergent thinking at its best and adults are along for the ride. So much better than a ferris wheel!




The bike wheel is an oven door and there is a carefully placed shark cake in front of it. I know it was carefully placed because the whole thing was knocked over by running feet just before these photos were taken and the two builders worked on putting it back together, wordlessly. They knew where to place each component of the installation. There is a toy shark under the bamboo piece. Two pieces of bark hold that bamboo upright and at the same time, nestle the juicy shark-filled center of the cake. "Now it needs water," one says as he pretends to pour water on it. Now, you see oven door and cake, right? Would you have guessed that. . . EVER? And now it could be nothing else.