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The Cooperative School’s educational philosophy springs from the belief that innovative, caring educators, teamed with inspired and engaged parents will build a dynamic learning community that benefits both adults and children. Our parents receive the guidance necessary to contribute meaningfully in the classroom, in administrative roles central to the school's success, and to support their children throughout their children's education.

The school's interior and exterior spaces connect children with nature, protect their right to play, and surrounds them with the ability to express themselves through art. As children and parents walk through the garden gate, they enter a place that invites exploration and ignites creative thinking.

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The Guide provides a comprehensive listing of businesses that serve our community as well as essential information on city services, schools, recreation, transportation, and other government resources.

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For 75 years, The Cooperative School has fostered empathy, curiosity and imagination in every child that walks through the garden gate. Learn about how to preserve nature, play, and art in early childhood.