Our Curriculum


Children thrive when offered opportunities to express themselves, through a variety of art materials; through musical instruments, melody and rhythm; and through movement of the physical body through space.

The children’s visual art is process-rich. This means that children are taught and experiment with a variety of mediums from painting to drawing and collage. We discuss technique and style using children’s literature and artist studies, and work on projects step by step over time. This process-oriented approach creates stunning and singular works, while also building literacy, science, social studies and math concepts. 

We approach Music and Physical Arts in the same way. Children practice the vocabulary and craft of music and movement supported by teachers who specialize in these pursuits. 


The language of play and all it entails provides children the focus, problem-solving skills, creativity, and willingness to explore their world and forge relationships.This foundation supports the child’s learning during their preschool years and beyond.

During dramatic play sessions, we support social-emotional development by devoting time and space to practice the language of play. Our teachers train parents to use and model specific language cues. These cues support children as they learn to express their ideas and feelings and learn to negotiate and engage with others. The children’s dramatic play is enriched through literature and is directly connected to the success of every other aspect of our program. This is play-based learning at its best.


Our Outdoor Play Space is designed so that children can continue to explore the language of play begun inside. The play space includes destinations for quiet and active play, all while being directly engaged with nature, in all weather, every day.

Natural elements—logs, pebbles, sand, rocks, branches—and thoughtfully selected repurposed materials ready the space for imaginary play. We offer children ropes, ladders, crates, boxes, even an old boat, so they can set their own course for adventure. The resulting rich and imaginative play sets us apart.