Lesley Romanoff, Director/Head Teacher

Lesley Romanoff, Director and head teacher for the Leaves (3s/4s) and Tracks(4s/5s) classes, first came to The Cooperative School in 1994 as a co-oping parent and served on its Board of Directors. She began teaching the 2 to 3-year olds class in 1997 and added the Leaves class in 1999. Lesley became School Director in 2006 and now teaches the Leaves and Tracks classes. The Cooperative School—its spaces, philosophy, and commitment to the parent-participatory model—reflects her approach to early childhood education. 

Lesley is interested in expression through visual art, studying the evolution of creative thinking, and the development of social language. She presented methodology for connecting literacy to social dramatic play at the National Association for the Education of Young Children 2006 Annual Conference and creative arts curriculum at the 2009 Conference. She presented at the first #playiceland conference in 2013 in Reykjavik Iceland. In 2015, she partnered with an international team to help support the first forest kindergarten in Lithuania. Lesley has presented at the Nature Preschool Conference at Irvine Nature Center and with NOVA Outdoors.

Lesley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Maryland, a professional background in video production and scriptwriting. She holds a Master of Art in Teaching, Early Childhood Education. 

Membership and Affiliations

ACEI, Association for Childhood Education International; NAEYC, National Association for the Education of Young Children; NAREA, North American Reggio Emilia Alliance; PCPI, Parent Cooperative Preschools International