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Growing Together at The Cooperative School.
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April 20, 2014 Lesley Romanoff

Alone and Together, Just The Thing You Need

Children seek solitude, some children NEED solitude. Imagine the joy that an introverted child finds in the open context of the outdoors. And those who need to connect with others, they will find each other. The “come on, let’s run together” left unspoken because the forest trail has said it for them.

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April 17, 2014 Lesley Romanoff

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

In the end, talking and listening in a group setting is, as any teacher will tell you, a delicate balance. In order to bring it into balance, begin with adjusting the central pillar, the teacher’s perspective rather than individual and group dynamics.

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April 5, 2014 Lesley Romanoff

Turn Left at the Bike Bridge

It was abundantly clear on that day and every day since, that we are challenged as educators to show how we teach “the essentials”, what those essentials are, and to send the message, I am teaching your child when we . . . Go to the forest, for example.

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