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June 27, 2015 Lesley Romanoff

Altruism as a Unifying Force

I heard an interview with the Buddhist monk, scientist, and author Matthieu Ricard in which he talked about altruism as a unifying force. You can hear the whole interview <here>. A week before this interview aired, we had our lantern launch. Each year, I tell the children the opening lines of Henry Abbey’s poem, What [...]

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June 10, 2015 Lesley Romanoff

And here we are…

Sligo Creek overflowed its banks last night and then receded almost back into its regular course by morning. The evidence of the rushing water were only curves of silt, mud and a redistribution of debris alongs its banks. During our forest trips this past year, the children wondered about the great heaved roots of trees [...]

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June 8, 2015 Guest

Ready to launch

Aimee Domire, co-President of the Cooperative School shares, “We walk our children through the school’s garden gates with the intention of raising them as learners, growing them as people, nurturing them as friends and community members so we can send them off. We walk our children through the garden gates so that one day they’ll be ready. Ready to go.”

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