2018-2019 Admissions Season

Our enrollment season begins in December for children ages 2 through 5. Enrollment extends through February for all classes beginning in September 2018.

Our enrollment process mirrors our commitment to parent education. We schedule three information sessions to share our educational philosophy and our parent participatory model.

In addition to these sessions we schedule, by appointment, classroom tours.

We encourage prospective and returning parents to attend both an information session and a classroom tour. 

Families should contact our admissions team for more information:


The Application Process

Applications are submitted online, along with a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $60 ($45 each when applying for twins). Applications submitted without the fee will not be considered.

Please note that while our initial admissions decisions are made by mid-to-late February, we continue to accept applications and fill any openings that occur during the Summer. 

If you have applied to the school for a previous year and would like to be considered active in the waiting pool, please contact our Admissions team directly and submit another application. You will not pay a second application fee.


Children must meet the following age requirements to enroll: 2 years old before September 1st for the Bugs (2s/3s) class, 3 years old before September 1st for the Leaves (3s/4s) class, and 4 years old before September 1st for the Tracks (4s/5s) class. Parents and/or legal guardians must be able to co-op in their children's class, work on a committee to support the school, and attend monthly meetings. 

See details on class schedules and tuition rates <here>. 

The Cooperative School doesn't admit students on a first-come, first-served basis. Rather, in making admissions decisions, we are dedicated to

  • sustaining our School’s parent-participatory model and mission, 
  • creating class rosters that are balanced in terms of age and gender and reflect our diverse community.

The Cooperative School welcomes families of all races, colors, religions, and national and ethnic origins without regard to sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.

What it Means to be a Member

We are interested in how your family will help continue the school's legacy inside the classroom, on a committee, or serving on the board of directors. Please review What it Means to be a Member before filling out your application.

Openings for the current school year

We are happy to share that enrollment is still open in our threes/fours for this school year! If your child turned 3 before September 1st, 2017 and you want to learn about changing schools or joining a school for the first time for your child's prekindergarten year please contact our admissions team for more information, admissions@tpcns.org.