Guest Post at Learning for Life "Embracing the Nothingness"

"We say that Tink is “all about the ideas” because mainly we want to embrace the pursuit of nothingness. In adult terms, it is like the Seinfeld of Summer Camps. It is a camp about nothing, but in that, it is about everything. And it is the perfect way to spend a bite-sized set of Summer Days." We finally found the pot of stink. Buried in an altogether different place than we were digging! The children spent 3 days digging a giant hole and then only minutes once they located its actual location.

We contributed a guest post about our Tink camp. Hop on over to Learning for Life to read the whole blog post!

Tink is all about the ideas we tell the children. Are there ever any bad ones? This summer, the children mixed up a new pot of stink and took steps to keep it stinky(er), wrapping it in plastic and taping it shut. Imagine Stink 2.0 in its underground lair -- waiting for Summer 2015. The idea!



Learning for Life

"Pretend I am" and "I am", hiccups in social interactions

"You're fired." Well, no one likes to be fired from a job they really want and it is interesting that "firing" even makes it into the game of running a restaurant, an imaginary restaurant that isn't actually imaginary, not even one bit.