Summer Report

Wake up and start again.

Did you have those summertime days when you kept busy all day with an idea that took days and weeks to complete?

What about revisiting something after a whole year?!?

These middle-of-a-story stories were suddenly evident on morning last week as I listened to one of my former students catch me up on EVERYTHING about his recent birthday. And I mean everything. This annual morning time check-in had a backdrop of busyness as other campers scurried here and there, settling into ideas, collecting bits and pieces for shops and unfinished zip lines, and conversations that seemed to still be flowing from the day before. All of it was a bit of a rush, no moment wasted as this was Thursday of a one week camp session. They only had two more days to organize all of that EVERYTHING.

Taking in the view. Savoring the moment.

Taking in the view. Savoring the moment.

Day 207. July 26. Summertime.jpg