What is it Wednesday?

What is it Wednesday? Sometimes I can see/hear/know exactly what they are doing during play and other times, not at all. And I love it when that happens. I have collected a set of photos that capture those special surprises when the children have given props and constructions they have found or made wonderful, and unexpected, meaning in the play.

Last What is it Wednesday? I shared a lovely little cup and flower display that the children told me was an "air shooter"? What do you think this one is?

The answer is...

While the last "What is it Wednesday" featured a teacup as an "air shooter." This teacup is being used for tea! What makes it interesting is that it was being used at the same time and in the same place as the teacup-air shooter and when I asked about it, I was given one of those, "Obviously...it is tea" kind of answers. The difference was so obvious to the players.