Welcome Contradiction Dance!

We are pleased to welcome Kelly Mayfield, Founder and Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance, and other principals in the company as they join our staff in creating an innovative new movement program at The Cooperative School.  Kelly and her company offer impressive experience in providing arts education appropriate for our three age groupings (the Bugs, Leaves, and Tracks) and a keen understanding of how to  support The Cooperative School’s parent/child educational philosophy of enriched, integrated arts-based curriculum. Kelly impressed the interview panel as she presented her vision to create a vibrant movement program built on sound methodology.  She supported the plan in her written proposal and follow-up conversations.  She came highly recommended by parents and many others whose children have taken classes at Contradiction Dance.  And she has demonstrated a committment to the community and to the arts education of its youth.

These key points make her a natural and notable addition to The Cooperative School.  However it is her access to teaching artists and other creative resources within the Contradiction Dance community that was key in setting her apart from other candidates. Though Kelly will serve as the primary teaching artist in the movement classes, she will also tap other dancers throughout the year to implement key elements of her vision. This arrangement brings staff diversity, a broad range of abilities, and important opportunities for program enhancement to The Cooperative School.

Kelly's tenure begins on Friday, September 18th in the Tracks class.

To learn more about Contradiction Dance visit http://contradictiondance.com/