Creativity, problem-solving and gaining a sense of one's own abilities are all features of your child's prekindergarten experience.

"We walk our children through the school’s garden gate with the intention of raising them as learners, growing them as people, nurturing them as friends and community members."

- a parent and public school educator

The Cooperative School's prekindergarten class (Tracks) meets weekdays from noon to 3:00 PM.

The program is play-based, arts-infused, and nature-inspired.

"When it was time for our son to begin school, we found ourselves with a lot of different choices. There is so much that sets this school apart. To start, we were so impressed with the indoor and outdoor spaces and the materials! The school emphasizes play and also structures the day to prepare little ones for kindergarten.

The activities our son had – from nature walks to art projects to journaling – were amazing. We made the absolute best choice for both our son and ourselves."

- an alumni parent

Parents are trained to work in the classroom and are quickly welcomed into the parent community.

Our prekindergarten curriculum features playful exploration in math, social studies, literacy, and science expressed through visual art, music, physical arts, and social-dramatic play. 

"The teachers talk about how the books they read are connected to dramatic play, the imaginary worlds which emerge in the outdoors, and in the kids' artwork throughout the year. All this helps children construct and connect with the narratives of their own lives. I have definitely not encountered this in any other school I have visited and am thrilled by it."

- a parent and early childhood educator

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