Parent Education

The Cooperative School has dynamic parent education curriculum. Teachers provide parents with regular updates about classroom activities, early childhood development, and pedagogy. We train parents in how to preserve children’s ongoing access to nature, play, and art. Monthly evening meetings include workshops on topics such as fostering communication skills, parenting tips, positive discipline, and scaffolding play. The parents practice tried and true parenting skills and learn how to assist in the delivery of our curriculum.

The parents work alongside professional educators. The School’s Board of Directors is comprised of current member parents. Other key roles for maintaining the school and supporting its programs are filled by parents.

Parents are given training and guidance as well as feedback for fulfilling their roles assisting in the classroom and as stewards of the School. In turn they are encouraged to share skills and experiences as they complete their committee and board duties. This reciprocal and collaborative process strengthens the program for future generations of families and students and has sustained the model since 1942.