The Cooperative School's mission statement encourages us to extend our community beyond the walls of our school. Our blog, Growing Together, along with our social media outlets helps us accomplish this through increasing our virtual footprint.

We also open our doors for collaboration tours and mentorship with parents, visiting educators, and play advocates.

Open Community Events, Kaffeeklatsches, Topics in Early Childhood

Topics in Early Childhood (RSVP:

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Educator Collaboration Tours

We are a community of learners. We feel there is mutual benefit in opening our doors to other educators. Our practice is improved through sharing and dialogue. Connect with our parent-participatory model and educational model through thematic tours. Collaboration tour visitors must be educators or board members of a parent cooperative school. Tours are booked in advance and focus on a theme. Time within each tour is allotted for written feedback.

Thematic tours include Loose Parts Inside and Outside the ClassroomParent Involvement: Cultivating CommunityIntegrated Arts-based CurriculumInclusion: Everyone Gets What They Need, and Assessment: Reflective PracticesContact: Lesley Romanoff, School Director

Professional Development

The Cooperative School’s mission sets us on a path of sharing. We wish to further the exploration of progressive early childhood education, the parent-participatory model, and best practices in an arts-based, inclusive learning environment.

Our teachers will hold workshops with your staff at your school or at our location for a fee (fee is based on materials, number of participants, and travel). Workshops include Scaffolding Play with Loose PartsSupporting Social Language through Dramatic PlayArts Across the CurriculumBrain Development and Music, and Other People’s Children: Parent InvolvementContact: Lesley Romanoff, School Director


September 30 2018, Nature Preschool Teacher's Retreat ERAFANS, presenter: Lesley Romanoff